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Apple (Malus) 'Lodi'

Lodi Apple

Categories: Fruit Tree

 Lodi produces heavy crops of large sized fruit for the early season. Trees are vigorous, spreading and set fruit on two and three year wood. Dwarfing rootstocks are recommended for control of excess growth.

More About Apple (Malus) 'Lodi'

  • Originated in Geneva, New York early 20th Century
  • Improved 'Yellow Transparent'

An attractive yellow early-season apple with a sharp flavor, best used for cooking.

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10-20 Ft

Hardiness Zone:


Apple (Malus) 'Lodi' Characteristics

Soil Moisture Needs

  • Needs well drained soil

Bearing/Fruiting Time

  • Early season

Bloom Time

  • Early season

Disease Resistance

  • apple scab resistant

Fruit Qualities

  • mild flavor
  • texture, soft

Fruiting Attributes

  • good for cold regions/very hardy
  • heavy bearer
  • large size
  • good for cooking/baking
  • storage, short life

Plant Size

  • Semi-dwarf (12-18')