Apple (Malus) 'Cox Orange Pippin'

Cox Orange Pippin Apple

Categories: Fruit Tree

Medium sized apple, red and yellow, usually striped. The flesh is yellow, firm, crisp, very juicy, richly aromatic and some say almost spicy.

More About Apple (Malus) 'Cox Orange Pippin'

  • originated in England 1830 from a seed from Ribston Pippin
  • considered to be one of the finest dessert apples
  • It remains unsurpassed for its richness and complexity of flavour.

Flavor is enhanced when fruit ripens off the tree. A heavy bearer and one of the best apples for espalier. It is the range and complexity of flavours which makes Cox's Orange Pippin so appealing to enthusiasts of the "English" style of apple. This is a variety for the connoisseur, who can delight in the appreciation of the remarkable range of subtle flavours - pear, melon, freshly-squeezed Florida orange juice, and mango are all evident in a good example. 

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10-20 Ft

Hardiness Zone:


Apple (Malus) 'Cox Orange Pippin' Characteristics

Soil Moisture Needs

  • Needs well drained soil

Bearing/Fruiting Time

  • Mid season

Bloom Time

  • Mid season

Fruit Qualities

  • distinct flavor
  • sub acid
  • tropical
  • aromatic

Fruiting Attributes

  • good for cider
  • good for eating
  • good for cooking/baking
  • storage, short life
  • antique variety

Plant Size

  • Semi-dwarf (12-18')