2018 Plant Auction & Customer Appreciation Day

We at E. C. Browns' Nursery, have been having a Plant Auction at the nursery , off and on, for the past 20 years.....Elmer Brown, the founder, and owner of our nursery conceived the idea back in 1998. We got together a bunch of plants, advertised a bit and Elmer served as the auctioneer. It was low key, fun, and most of all VERY popular ..so much so that we have been doing it ever since. 

It is a time when we can give back a little(prizes, raffles, food, and drink) to our loyal customers for their allegiance to our nursery.

The format is simple....we auction off multiple "lots" of plants where the highest bid takes home the lot. We pick out 1st quality plants from our nursery, many of them being special and unique, put them in "Lots" (ie. 5- Hosta....3- Dwarf evergreens....5- apple trees..etc) and you bid on them. A list (see below) will be available on our website for publish the Tuesday before the auction, listing all the plants available.

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